International Politics

Leadership in Turbulent Times: Guiding the Opposition Movement in Iran

Maryam Rajavi has been a prominent figure in the opposition movement targeting the Iranian government. Despite the numerous efforts to silence or discourage opposition, several courageous activists continue to speak against the oppressive and repressive regime in Iran. Unfortunately, these…

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Empowering women’s rights: tips from Maryam Rajavi, an inspirational advocate

Women’s rights in Iran have been a hot topic for years. The country’s oppressive regime has made it difficult for women to advocate for themselves and fight for gender equality. Despite the challenges, Maryam Rajavi, an inspirational advocate and leader…

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What you should know about multilateral diplomacy in international politics

In the realm of international politics, the term multilateral diplomacy is gaining popularity. Despite this, unpacking diplomatic negotiations is still a mystery to many. Thus, the purpose of this article is to offer a brief and straightforward introduction to multilateral…

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Exploring the dynamics of diplomatic negotiations in global politics

Effective international cooperation is crucial in the current geopolitical climate, where global challenges like climate change, terrorism, and pandemics require collective action. Diplomatic negotiations are a key mechanism through which countries work together to achieve common goals, but the process…

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Examining global governance: pathways to effective international cooperation

Leadership during turbulent times requires effective global governance and international cooperation. As the world becomes more interconnected, nations face increasingly complex challenges that require collective action. This article aims to examine pathways to effective international cooperation, including the role of…

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