Civil Liberties

Iran’s quest for progress: a blueprint for a new era

The future of Iran depends on the country’s ability to address its economic, political, and social challenges, which have been exacerbated by international sanctions and domestic mismanagement. In recent years, Iran has made some progress in improving its relations with…

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7 key constitutional rights every citizen should know

In the modern world, civil liberties are an essential aspect of society, enshrined in the constitution of every country to safeguard the protection of individual and collective freedoms. Unfortunately, these rights are frequently misunderstood or poorly known by citizens. To…

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Civil liberties and human rights: challenges and perspectives

In the modern world, protecting civil liberties has become an increasingly relevant topic. A key aspect of this discussion relates to human rights, which are entitled to all individuals without discrimination. Despite the progress made in advancing these principles, numerous…

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The death penalty debate: ethics, morality, and alternatives

The death penalty in Iran has become a contentious issue in recent years. While some argue that it is a necessary measure to keep society safe from dangerous criminals, others believe that it is a breach of basic constitutional rights…

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Civil liberties in the modern world: a comparative study

Debating the death penalty is a controversial topic that has sparked intense discussions around the world. However, the issue of civil liberties is equally important and goes beyond the death penalty. Civil liberties are fundamental rights that are essential for…

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